Every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 pm

Our objective during our ninja team practices is to prepare our athletes for the rigors of competition.  Ninja competitions don’t only test a ninja’s physical capabilities, but also a competitor’s mental toughness.  Our goal is to produce a well-rounded ninja, who is prepared to perform at their highest ability.

Team practices are designed to improve a ninja’s strength, balance, speed, stamina, as well as their mental edge.   While training on obstacles, coaches emphasize proper technique, problem solving and efficiency.

Different than our youth ninja classes, Team practice features obstacles on a grander scale and at a higher difficulty level. Team members will be put through rigorous strength and conditioning workouts, mock course runs, mental preparation exercises, etc.


In order to be on the Competition or Rec teams, a ninja must meet the skill and strength requirements laid out in the “SNL Band System.”  An athlete must be a “Level 4” ninja to qualify for the Rec Team and a “Level 5” ninja to qualify for the Competition Team.  Any ninja below a “Level 4” can improve their strength and skill by attending our youth ninja classes.

For more information on the SNL band system click here