While the NBC hit television show ‘American Ninja Warrior’ was certainly the catalyst behind the Saratoga Ninja Lab, we were all leading the Ninja-life long before the show aired. We understood that functional strength and agility were far superior to bulky muscles or isolated sport specific skills.

Our backgrounds span the disciplines of personal training, rock climbing, extreme skiing, mountaineering, ice hockey, surfing, basketball, trail running and martial arts. While our individual disciplines may differ, we all share a passion for adventure and a lifetime of fitness.

Luck would have it that in mid-2017 all our paths would cross, the timing would be perfect, and the rest is history.

At Saratoga Ninja Lab all are welcome!  We want everyone to find their inner Ninja, no matter what their background or capability.

Principles we stand by:

  • Constant positive reinforcement.
  • Zero bullying policy.
  • Cheer for your fellow Ninjas.
  • Don’t worry about the Ninja next to you. He/she is somewhere completely different in his/her journey.
  • Leave happy, tired and stronger than you were yesterday.


Our philosophy? Fitness should be fun. Always.

We want to get you excited about being active!

Swing, climb, leap and soar your way into fitness while learning great leadership skills and building self-confidence that will last a lifetime. Men, women and children alike will have a ball at Saratoga Ninja Lab, where Ninja training is for everyone, and fitness is always fun!